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Which had served him well. Once the medtechs altered their appearance, they looked enough like his own people that he found them easy to love. Their wombs had been perfect hosts for the embryos that would be the future of his race. But the close proximity of the Terran colony made it seem that tranquility would never again be the norm. He had to have a solution. Somehow he had to refocus Venice's energy on fulfilling her destiny. Seeking an answer to her behavior became an obsession, for each time he finished a task, his mind returned to the older of his two concubines. He mulled over his handling of the females since he had first taken them captive, questioning every concession he had made to them, every time he had forgiven rather than punished them. Azareel grew angry as he thought of all he had provided, and what Venice seemed all too willing to reject. It would be almost a cycle before Venice was ready for another pregnancy. Quite a long time, and if she didn't want to be a mother and a companion anymore, then he wouldn't be needing her for a while. Finally, he came to a decision. A few days later Venice awoke in a small, dark cell. She stretched, then started, because the surroundings were unfamiliar to her, yet somehow she knew where she was. For imobiliare bucuresti five years, she had lived in the domed apartment which Azareel had built for her and her offspring. At first it had seemed to be a comfortable prison, later a home. But there was no mistaking these surroundings-- this was indeed a prison cell, just like those which her department had never actually used on the Excalibur, just like the one she had briefly inhabited on the Archeonite III. She had no blanket, pillow, or clothing of any sort. Even the necklace that had governed her behavior for the past five years was missing. The bunk was hard, as were the shackles on her ankles. She swung her legs down and crossed to the door, her stride restricted to about half a meter. Not surprisingly, she found herself locked in. Crossing back to the limited facilities, she noticed milk dripping from her full nipples. Squeezing gently, she relieved the pressure into the small lavatory, not making any attempt to fully empty her . Confused, she sat on the bunk and wondered where she was, and what Aslof was having for breakfast. She could be on bucuresti the Archeonite III; that was the most logical answer, but not the only possibility. Even more puzzling was why. Venice was aware that she had angered Azareel, but he had been angry because she wanted to abandon the children; so removing her from them seemed illogical. She drew her feet up and cradled herself, for warmth and for comfort. Time seemed to creep, as she sat with nothing to do, and she thought that a couple of hours or more ped before she saw an android, one she didn't know. He brought a you can try this out metal tray with her usual rations. She called to him, in Archeon, but he refused to answer any questions, he just slid the tray imobiliare bucuresti through the slot in the door and left. As the hours stretched imobiliare bucuresti out into a day, Venice went from being puzzled to being furious with Azareel for confining her in such a demeaning manner. Her naked body shivered and the shackles were annoying. There was nothing to do, no reading material, nothing but bare walls and primitive facilities. Her solitary confinement lasted for three days. Venice made